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torsdag 5 november 2009

Morbid profit motive behind today's vaccine push

(I wrote this mail 23 Oktober 2009 22:34 to my group Magnolia Lane - http://vetteljus.org/magnolia)

Evelyn Pringle turns in another take-no-prisoners article detailing the morbid profit motive behind today's vaccine push: http://www.naturalnews.com/027301_swine_flu_influenza_pandemic.html

I den här artikeln läser man att det dog ca 1 indier på varje 3 miljoner i flunsan. Nu har vi här i Sverige knappt börjat vaccinera och redan har 2 dött efter vaccinering. (Blir inte förvånad om dessa dödsfall bortförklaras med att de ändå skulle dött för de var så sjuka - dvs motsats resonering mot när det gällde att bevisa flunsans farlighet.)

"Pneumonia related mortality due to immunosuppression, AIDS, malnutrition, and a variety of other predisposing medical conditions is therefore combined with seasonal influenza deaths,"

"The actual influenza related deaths for the years 1997 to 2002 ranged from 257 to 1,765 annually,"

On the CDC's main flu page they state that about 36,000 people die from
the flu in the US each year. But if you search a little harder, he says, you find the actual number of people who died from the flu in 2005 was 1,805, the most recent data available.

En till intressant detalj de glömt nämna. Som det heter: det finns lögn, förbannad lögn och så finns det statistik.
Om BARN och riskerna med influensavaccin till dem. Läs och gråt när vi vet att många barn i hela landet kommer att få detta vaccin om bara några få veckor. Med sina oinformerade föräldrars medgivande:

Risks Outweigh Benefits

Studies also show flu vaccines do not work, and especially with children. On May 19, 2009, researchers at the International Conference of the American Thoracic Society in San Diego, presented a study that found children who received the trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine [TIV] had a three times greater risk of hospitalization for the flu than kids who were not vaccinated.

To determine whether the flu vaccine was effective in reducing the number of hospitalizations over consecutive flu seasons for 8 years, the researchers conducted a study of 263 children between the ages of 6 months and 18, evaluated at the Mayo Clinic between 1996 and 2006, with laboratory-confirmed influenza and reviewed records to determine which kids had received a flu shot before the illness and hospitalization.

According to the study, not only did the vaccine not prevent the flu, the children who received it got sicker than those who did not. Which means that for the 8 year period studied, health insurance companies, government programs and parents paid the cost of useless vaccines, doctors office calls and three times more flu-related hospitalizations, with the children suffering the harshest consequences.

On the "Healthy Skepticism" website, in a September 21, 2009 paper titled, "In the Face of Swine Flu, Common Sense and Science," Juan Gérvas, Honorary Professor, Public Health, School of Medicine, Autonomous University, in Madrid, Spain, reports that the "seasonal flu vaccine is relatively ineffective in children and adolescents, with a success rate of 33%, and is absolutely useless for children under 2 years."

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