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onsdag 20 april 2016

When nobody listens, and nobody cares

Talk about being mad as hell... After having one of my cat's three kitties from 2009 living with his owner for the last two years he and his gf both beg me to take him back for awhile. I keep telling them I can't as we got the old granny still living with us, as her owner's fiancé is a cat hater, and so is his grandfather who owns the house they live in. With the old granny I have already 10 cats, and since someone told me at the vet's that was the max number you are allowed to have I tried to keep it there. Turned out I'd missheard and it was only 9. To a normal society and normal people that would not be a big deal. We live on a farm, far out in the country side, and they are neutered. But we live in a country that is like the Funny Farm of stupid assholes.

So I get harassed for awhile and guilttriped over how bad the cat is doing, how they feel and on and on until I give up and agree to take care of him for awhile. A few weeks goes by and suddenly some mysterious person has reported me. The unknown snitch tells a story that is semi-close to reality, but so over the top exaggerated it really is a lie. So the inspectors write up a nicer version when they come back after their inspection. When here I figure out they'd been told horror stories about horrible animal abuse, tons of cats and kitties (neutered cats - hello!??!) and abused dogs. There are specifics only a very select people know, like our cat room in the basement. It's big enough, it has daylight, but I understand that is not what they'd heard. 

By now they need to find something to pick on me for, so the visit has not been in vain. Who reported me? I tell the gf of the cat owner I mentioned above, that you know who it is by how they won't feel bad for you, as it's ridiculous they'd put the limit on 9 cats. Of course it's cause it is the same as 666... But before 9 there was no limit at all! So why not start with 20 cats as a limit on the country side? Then in towns lower? That would be logic. This is just plain stupid. So after I've told her how she can notice who is the coward, she goes and talks to her mother. (I bet she does not even consider talking to mother as talking to someone.) Her mother tells her to stay away from me, and that she should not help out and take any cats what so ever!

Remember, her daughter forced me to take this last cat, and I'd said I could not as that would be too many. Also, they'd already left the owner's older cat at my place some year ago. Back then I had another two cats left by another one who used to live in our house before. So all these cats either were left behind when they moved away, or they later on got dumped on me. What makes this so sickening to me, is that after the gf has talked to her mother, she also believes it's all my fault, and that it's the worst crime ever to have one or two cats too many. And that stealing from the state funds, tax money, is far less criminal thing to do!!!! I'm in shock. THEY begged me to take their cats and now I'm worse then a dirty thief.

Despite the gf being told how to recognize the signs of a potential snitch, she fails to do so. She heard my advice, but her brain is too dim. She ought to be blond... So that blond thing is just not true. She's a brunette. What is worse her bf, who first was crazy angry at the nasty snitch, also blames me and acts as if he is mad as hell at me for taking on more cats then I'm allowed!!! Did you hear that? He's mad at ME!!! After I gave in and let them dump the cat on me, totally against my wishes. What kind of people is this? I got so sick, and could not believe I'd heard it right. I tried to find out what they ment. I also keep telling them that it's the one thinking you deserved to be reported who's the one doing it, since the gf's parents were dead against them helping me. Instead of connecting the dots the gf accused me of calling her the snitch!!!

So I tell the boy that I did NOT believe she did it, but that she might had told "someone" too much, and that person did it. But the gf says she never told anyone. (I am pretty sure she told her mother!) Teens just don't really see their mothers as "someone", but just mom. The result is that I get angrier and angrier, as I made an exception cause THEY kept begging me. And now they are accusing me and despite me explaining that I'm not mad at them for things like me believing they'd done anything bad on purpose, but cause they keep saying weird things that I should give away my cats (I have normally not more then 2-3 of my own) and keep mentioning that I'd done some "crime". They'd told me the gf's mother is not as bad as me, as she only is cheating the state out of tax money.

My GOD!!! That is wellfare cheating and stealing from the people. I am now feeling so sick I want to puke. I don't want to see them. I'm mad as hell at them at this moment, as whenever they've had a tiny demand I had to jump or they'd freak. And now act truly unwilling to help me when I have a serious need. My husband screamed to them in the phone to shut the fuck up about what crime I'd done for caring for THEIR two cats. And now comes the punsh line, which you of course already realized. The mother could very well be the one reporting me!!! She knew they'd dumped too many cats on me, and she was well aware of the messy cat. I do suspect she is the sneakingly covert kind - as she's so cunningly cut me out of my own son's life, by play acting his "savior" from his worthless parents.

A normal, moral person would had reasoned like the other cat owner, who's dumped three cats on me. She was dead nice and said it was her fault for not taking home her own cats earlier. She did take one back, but not the boys as her fiancé forbid her, claiming his grandfather would toss them all out - with TWO little boys. Who'd do such a thing? That is just insane. No sane person would toss them out for some cats. Many unrelated hosts allow up to 5 cats. I have a very hard time believing he'd be that cruel. I rather believe her fiancé is a liar, and a sneaky one using his grandfather's cat dislike to keep her cats out of their house. I did offer to lend them money to buy a place of their own as soon as possible, and the young mom was really happy about it.

Then her fiancé said they'd rather wait and pay more then get these money interest-free. Guess he hates me too. I unfriended him on FB, since I felt so angry he cared shit for his fiancées wishes. He'll never let her get any of the cats she wants. He even phoned my husband and told him so. I can't help it - but at this moment I'm mad as hell at him. Unfortunely the young mom started to change her mind after hearing from the other couple. Now she thinks it's kind of my fault too, and that it's not really her fault for not fetching atleast some of her cats when she moved out. That I could had sold the cat to someone else, or whatever. In my book you don't mess with cats. If you've promised the breeder to take care of them, you do. I'm sick and tired of people wanting pets and then dumping them.

I'm sick and tired of draconian laws that serves no purpose but to terrorize good people. The bitch committing fraud on regular basis I told you about, honestly had them believe FEEDING and CARING is worse then stealing. She even had said it was the WORST CRIME you can possibly do - the ONE law you must obey. What sick bitch.... Well, if that is what she really said. The young couple said she'd said that. Either way she'd said it was worse then FRAUD. No, it's not. When you feed and care for animals you hurt noone. When you steal money from a pot, someone else will get less. The young man did try to pin the snitching on someone else, and even if I do agree it's a possibility, the vileness from his gf's mother, and the hate this girl is now spewing on me, talks it's language.

Before I took back the last cat she was fine. When I told her that I needed them to take care of 2-3 cats, she was fine, though not wanting to really. But not rude. After she'd talked to her mom she was a total asshole!!! And then she talked to the young mom, and she stopped feeling for me and felt I'd been hard on the poor thing. What??? They told me I was a freaking CRIMINAL and still I'd not attacked them. I kept writing a few texts wondering what they ment, trying to explain the situation, our options and so on. But I was NOT RUDE. I kept hoping they'd stop being mean to me, but nope. The girl was snappy and short and both refused to adress whatever issue I brought up with them. They replied to something else!

And no matter how I corrected them, they kept having that weird superiority attitude BULLIES have. My heart is in pieces and it feels like I've lost the young man now. I can't believe he could do this to me. I am stunned. I feel like he hates me, but of course I know it's just how any real mother would feel when her beloved son sides with the bullies. All I wanted was for him and his gf to take two cats and then it turned out they only needed to take one. I reported back happily, but any good news I brought to him was ignored. Then came some more nasties from his gf instead. It seems like he rather listened to what she felt and believed and imagined, then read my actual texts. My husband told me he indeed never had, so that is why I felt so in shatters. My OWN SON??? How could he? 

But I remember this happening to my mother once, but she's a narc, and I've been dead nice and helped them out so much. I loved them so much and now I'm so angry, so sad, so upset. They sided with the bitch who acts as if she's the one who reported me, since she told them to not help me out!!! How could my son do that? In a text earlier on the gf been siding with me, and told me about wicked things a mean friend of theirs had said about me. She seemed to be on my side, UNTIL the bitch told her theft is not so bad, but feeding one or two cats more then a new draconian law (2005) made it possible for our asshole rulers to now say you could have - now THAT was horrible. This reminds me of Sharia laws.

These people will soon believe those laws are right too!!! Just cause an asshat with a funny hat tells them so. It's just other human beings telling you this!!! It's not god. Just made up stuff from people. It might be juste, it might be terribly unjuste. This particular law makes it possible to be unjuste, and it's very new too like most dumb laws. My son used to joke about stupid laws. And this law he'd tell me was so dumb, so dumb. And now he tells my husband I'm a criminal for taking care of his cats for him!!!! There is something VERY wrong here. Something is just not right. And what about the young mom? She keeps people pleasing. Her fiancé, her bosses, her brother, and so on.

But just like most others she dumps me at the first sign of trouble. For a short while she was dead nice to me, and I cried as I'm not used to that. Then she bought the sob stories from the mean kids, whom she herself had bashed for their behavior towards me just awhile earlier. Suddenly she said they were stressed, under pressure, had a hard time, that the gf was suicidal. More or less the same excuses they'd told me for the last 3 years. It's never their fault anything, and they are to be pitied and pampered. Bloody narcs.... Even if it's my own flesh and blood - he's been tainted by his gf and her malignant bond to her scary mother. Sucks.... End of story. 

Ingis Erlingsdotter - Magnolia Lane