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söndag 3 augusti 2014

Hypocrits and Double Speach

This is the picture all are talking about - only the girl to the right is not TOO fat!  
This picture were flaunted as a promotion to be happy and proud of your body, even when it was really really HUGE and unhealthy in every way. Like it was SEXY and COOL to look this way - a self confidence issue - LOOK AT ME, I LOVE MYSELF THE WAY I AM. My first thought was that this is so not healthy for these women. That they are shortening their lives significantly by abusing food this way and the lives they will have will be filled with one organ failure after another till they meet an early grave. What a waist. How sad. I could not feel happy for them, being proud and accepting their huge bodies. The young girl to the right caught my eye as she reminded me of a friend of mine. She was not bigger then this cute redhead, when she befriended a mountain, sorry, a really huge girl. Befriending this huge girl made her also accept being fat and she gained so much weight in just a few years. As long as she's been best friend with me she never looked fat, just chubby, as she had me to compaire with, and I was a walking stick. Some thought I had anorexia, but I was just young and could eat endlessly and never gain weight at all. But I hated sugar, and prefered proper food before deserts. The few times I did have sugar cravings I could eat a mountain of cakes, but then nothing for months. So of course, all normal, sugar-craving girls hated me, as they could see me stuff my face full with one and a half pizza, tons of cakes, on one occasion or another, and believe that was my daily bread. It was not - it was a rare occation. 

So I stayed thin, but my friend got obese, hanging around her very obese new best friend. She never married, never had children, and about ten years ago she revealed to me that she'd been lying to me even in high school, then +25 years ago. I had been defending her chubbyness to all her bullies, as I thought she ate almost nothing compared to me who stuffed my face with as much food as I could at school. I got no food at home almost, while my friend had a sweet mom who cooked delicious meals to her every day. I knew my friend hardly ate anything at home either, so I defended her as I thought it was her metabolism that was off. Mine was as I was so very skinny, no matter what I ate. At home I only ate sandwiches or outmeal flakes with berries and milk. That was my standard dinner. So I was bullied for being skinny and I would not have it people bullying anyone for the way they looked. But over 20 years later my once best friends reveals to me that she'd been steeling money from her sweet mom to buy candy, which she feasted on in the toilettes at school. She never shared, never told me, and she let me believe she didn't eat anything and let me make a prat out of myself defending her. By doing that I got in alot of fire from her bullies, but I did it out of love, and I cared so much for her. She let me stay deluded believing in her, trusting her.

My friend was like the girl to the right at high school - NOT obese at all.
At the same time she was pointing fingers at me for not being honest enough, telling on my parents who had lied to an aunt of mine. I had told them to tell the truth, and they had lied, and my mom had guilt-tripped me into promissing to not tell the truth, as that would put dad in a bad light for not telling the truth at once. I had told him to tell the truth at once, but he had not, and then my mom had openly lied and then told me to shut up, and it was all my fault. This friend of mine guilt-tripped me over this matter for years to come, as if I was some kind of liar. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place and I tried to hurt as few as possible, and at the same time save the lives of the innocent. So why did SHE - a thief and a liar - guilt-trip me over this matter for so long? I didn't steel something, but saved the life of somebody. A kitty that had already been given to my friend, but my friend decided to let the kitty stay with her mom until she was ready to go and get her. When I phoned the aunt to tell her when that was to be she had changed her mind and didn't want to give up the kitty. The aunt had her many cats living in her summer house, where she only spent her weekends. Most of her cats where totally gone wild and were every year shot by the hunters living next door, as they breeded and spread like a plague.

So I saved the kitty and went and got her anyway, as the aunt had already given her away, and I told dad to tell her that - that she had already given the kitty away and given her word on that once. I thought I was on the moral high ground, though the law says that whoever posesses a cat owns it. I don't care as the cat would had been dead within two years tops, staying on that summer house property, and instead she lived a healthy life 18 years later with my fat friend. This is the deep reasons why it upset me she had been steeling and eating in secret, cause she had been at my throat for this cat-issue for 18 years. Making me feel like a thief and a liar who kept secrets and was not honest. And then SHE had been doing things like that behind my back. Making me look like a moron defending her, believing her stories that she hardly ate anything. She was stuffing her face so full with sugar every day she could not manage to eat proper food. That was the truth. She was not a victim, she was not particulary bullied either. Those bullying her, do you know who they were? They were MY bullies. As she started hanging out with me, they went after her. As soon as she realized that she started to try and befriend other girls, and also she was a short while friends with those girls bullying me, and she also helpt them bully me. She's been backstabbing me a few times and I have forgiving her again and again. 

This is how the cat looked like - a beautiful longhaired lady.
So when this nasty lady below called ME a bully, I saw red. This is what this blog is about - how people always believe the fat girl is the bullied one, and the skinny is the bully. How people say one thing but then turn out to actually mean another. To show what hypocrits people are and how they say one thing and then another - the double speach to make themself look good and you bad. That is the hallmark of the bullies - they twist and turn to mock you. They frame YOU for their own dirty misdeeds. Here are the selected comments - there were many more, but I picked those relevant to me:

Jeffrey Collette:
glad everyone can finally see it. DISGUSTING.  BLACKING OUT, GOING INTO COMATOSE. why? why? why? do they think ANYBODY wants to see this?  Hello?  Diet ladies, diet.... real curves are sexy... flesh and fat hanging over your waistline... NOT.

Magnolia Lane:
+Jeffrey Collette I can see this too! And they are fat - the girl to the right is the skinny one. It's not even funny, it's sad as it's so not healthy. How will they feel when in my age? :((

Jeffrey Collette:
+Magnolia Lane Yes that's the point. there might be big and beautiful, then there is fat and fucking disgusting. Cover up ladies because nobody wants to see what you are showing.  It's not healthy, and most of this is due to individuals own doings, such as eating SHIT and not fucking exercising so how will they feel when they are your age? I don't know your age but hopefully they will not be around taking up space and things that should go to actually disabled persons because they get deemed disabled for what, being obese.  I look at that and I want to vomit and I'm sure there are a hell of a lot of others with me who agree that it's just disgusting.

Jason Caisse:
I'm sorry I some people hsve problems. but where is the time in their life when they look in the mirror and say damn I have a serious problem. I need to do something about it. fuck man eat a fucking garden or something.

Again - this is the picture that is being spoken about so wickedly.
Lorraine Morris:
I'm sorry but this is not self confidence. Too pass it off as such is disgusting. This is NOT okay. And to make people believe in such is a crime. This is heart attack, clogged arteries, high blood pressure DEATH!! Not to mention the financial part of it all is devastating... Wake up to those who say its self acceptance.. its self destructive..

Lataya Taylor:
Is that a Steak & cheese co. logo?...

Lorraine Morris:
+Lataya Taylor OMGosh I saw that too lol...

Lataya Taylor:
+Lorraine Morris WTF!!!... ...are they doing displaying themselves like a Butchers Shop Window????

Lorraine Morris:
+Lataya Taylor Even the butcher cuts the fat off lol

Norma Crompton:
+Lorraine Morris I'm fucken dying, lol lol lol

Lorraine Morris:
+Norma Crompton LOL...Feeling sorry for the husbands or boyfriends. They would have to roll them in flour just to find the wet spots..Ewww the thought..

Lataya Taylor:
+Lorraine Morris Sit on his face,.. Haha

Lataya Taylor:
+Jeffrey Collette They should be made to pay for 2 seats, cos that's what they use & the poor bastard sat next to them should pay half fare,...AND, their weight should be added to their baggage allowance.. 1 dress only in their bag, no shoes!!!!!

Some other big girls in bikinis these nasty people can laugh about.
Lataya Taylor:
+Jason Caisse Hahaha....... " Eat a garden, for fucks sake"....?

Magnolia Lane:
+Lataya Taylor If they STARTED eating from the garden instead they'd soon be better off. :)) My ex-best friend did this to herself too, though last time I happened to get a glance of her she seems to have lost weight. I was so affraid what would become of her. She had been steeling money from her mom since she was in her early teens to feast on candy bars in the toilette at school. She hardly ate anything normal, only candy, chocolate, cookies and lemonade. Normal food she rejected, and was hiding even from me she was abusing SUGAR. I defended her against the bullies calling her fat, as I believed she had some kind of medical problem, gaining fat without eating even half of what I ate. I was skinny as a stick. Why? Cause I ate REAL FOOD, not junk. She ONLY ate junk. I found out about her sugar abuse 20 yrs after we stopped being best friends and it felt really bad my best friend had used me as an enabler. I so dislike fat people now, using their friends by lying to them. Yes, they are FAT cause they eat the wrong kind of foods. It's NOT an illness. And - it's nothing to be proud of. :((

Lorraine Morris:
+Lataya Taylor Blah...Lmao

Lorraine Morris:
+Magnolia Lane Well to dislike all "Fat" people (Using your own words) is wrong. There is a huge different "No pun intended" between being sick and needing help and assistance. This photo here is publicizing obesity as a good and sexy thing. Being proud of your size view. When no one is at a healthy state here. Then you have those who need help that have underlying issues such as your friend. These woman here like their weight, promote their weight & embrace their size.. Your friend no doubt dislikes her weight. The teasing & bullying made it worse. I believe there is a fine line for those who are proud of it and those who need strong friends for encouragement to achieve a goal. To say you hate all "Fat" people in my opinion puts you in the category that of a bully. Why should people you don't even know be subjected to your hate when they could possibly be the one to pick you up when your down, help you through hard times and to love you for the person you are. Everyone deserves to be treated with humanity and not looked upon in a negative light. Society is screwed up because they push a size 5 is perfect and a 10 is obease. There are all types of racist & stereotyping behavior other than color. Like I said in "My opinion" there is a clear difference between loving and embracing extreme obeaseity & being overweight & simply changing your lifestyle with a little help and encouragement from a friend before it gets to this point here & where impossible outweighs their capabilities.. Food for thought...

Some curvy girls, not really fat if you ask me!
Magnolia Lane:
+Lorraine Morris Well, then I AM a bully for being hurt my friend used me as an empath to protect her. Your logic is very funny. I was VERY VERY bullied for being skinny, so thank you VERY much for calling ME the bully for trusting my friend and DEFENDING her against her bullies. Me BAD for trusting people, caring for them. My god... 

If you like to put words into my mouth (claiming I've said I HATE anyone) it's very wrong. And YOU are a bully. (You kept repeating how much I HATE people too, so people reading it would actually believe I've said anything in that way - misleading the readers. THAT is bullying.) I said I "dislike" fat people, cause she used me, and she LIED to me, and I've met so many over sized people BULLYING ME for being skinny you could not imagine. So yes, I have a lifetime of reasons NOT liking people stuffing their faces and blaming others for their problems, thinking they can act and RE-act like you do here. You know nothing, and still you know everything? No, it's not your right to put opinions onto me I don't have. It's always ok to do that to thin and skinny people - it's never any problems with them. Right? Sorry to tell you, I had much worse problems then her, but still I cared for her, never lied to her, so yes, I was very upset finding out she'd lied to me, and used me so she could do her drug of choice - SUGAR.

Good choice of bikinis I think - makes these curvy girls look nice!
Magnolia Lane:
+Lorraine Morris Read all your comments and can now see your double speach. You truly are not a nice person towards fat people. :(( 

It's very judgemental to order someone to not feel what they feel. Feelings are what they are, and I am kind of scared of fat people, so I always try to say nice things to them. Their rage, if they'd read your words... There are nice fat people out there, who hide behind their fat and eat junk in a self destructive way. But to mock them, like you and your friends here do, is not right either way when you don't know WHY they do this to themselves. Quite nasty and childish. I feel for them due to the severe health problems they will most certainly get. Fat people hide themselves behind the fat, nasty people behind cruelty and quick judgements due to a word. I don't know what else word to use then "dislike" as hate is far too much for the feeling I have.

I stopped following this thread after this, as I realized I was dealing with bullies. I've been on the recieving end too many times from this kind of double speach kind of people to know them by their fruits. What they do is to put WORDS INTO YOUR MOUTH and then slagg you off to everyone else. Like Lorraine does here. She makes a huge wave about me HATING fat people, condemming me, and then making herself look better then she is. Read what horrible jokes she's just done about fat people! She's trying to shift her shit onto me - to rid herself off the dirt she's been helping out to put out into the world. By taking my feeling of not liking fat people and making it into a full blown HATE emotion she could do that. She focus everyones attention to me now - and all their nasty words don't mean a thing. Cause they have now invented a HATER. But all they said was so very hateful, and what I said was not in any way hateful. She could see I was hurt by the betrayal of my friend, and she wanted to try and hurt me further. By making herself out as the saint, and me as the bully. But she's the one who'd been bullying those girls on the photo for quite awhile, together with some others. But only SHE decided to pick on me right away. I don't know if Lataya ever replied as I clicked on "ignore" after Lorrianes accusations. But seeing they were all in on the mocking of the photo it was clear to me they all needed someone to put all their guilt on, so as soon Lorraine decided that was to be me - I was out of there. Been around too many bullying girls in my days to not know the exit-line. It's when the selfproclaimed saint attacks you. You cannot win when she's after your throat! :))

Ingis Erlingsdotter - Magnolia Lane