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söndag 13 juli 2014

Sisters Are Ment To Stick Together

This is my Truth and Dare oath in english. As I have told people of Earth for a year my brother-in-law, my sisters husband, promised he'd report me to the POLICE for doing this oath. He tried to mind-control everyone that my oath was some sort of death-threat towards my sister and his wife. Totally deluded of course, but somehow my closest brother totally bought it. He's the person in my family I have been the most close to in years counting. I have been helping him, supporting him for years, until I realized he was a selfish prat who cared not a bit about me. Him believing those vile lies and projections prooved I was right about him. My second brother was never worth any of the friendship, loyalty and care I gave him. 

Imagine we had a pact when we did that cherry wine; we were to marry in a double-wedding. But then his fiancy refused to marry the same day as I and then she even refused coming to my wedding, and to top it off she tried to ruin my wedding by making my brother mad at me for inviting a friend of mine, who just happened to be an ex to my brother. He phoned her to tell her in the middle of my wedding and by doing that made her furious, as if that nasty person needed more reasons to hate his family, and thanks to that she demanded he'd leave my wedding in the middle and try to guilt-trip me to ruin my day even more then my cousin did with all her fuzz over her partner and a misunderstanding that hadn't needed to be any big issue, unless she and her boyfriend so much needed to pity themselves for my misunderstanding. Or actually, I got the message right, but the one giving the message had it wrong as that is what men do - get messages wrong. Specially when they are about boring subjects as fury animals and weddings. 

How many more people, then my second brother, has this mean and nasty brother-in-law managed to turn against me, I don't know. I only know that mother replied on his police-threat with a mail to me on my birthday telling atleast THREE huge lies straight out. She didn't even comment on her son-in-laws threats against me, or my sisters horrible fake concern for my mental health. That is what these people do when proved wrong - accuse you of mental disorders. Mother has done that to almost all her siblings in her family of birth and due to that been barred from quite a number of homes. She phones people and says the most horrible things to them, like she is entitled to insult others any way she likes. So no wonder she didn't think it horrible of my sister to lie and then excuse herself with making out I am insane and in need of mental care.

Click to get a better look what it says - it's in swedish though - hate to try and translate the rubbish.

Comments about the mail: 
  1. Mother tells lots of lies here - the first one is that I am not bringing up any facts in my testimony, when all I talk about is the facts and that I have a witness who supports these facts, when my sister has nobody supporting her version.  
  2. The second lie she tells is that it is father who has come up with the number 110 K. That number our 2nd brother came up with after our sister had suggested 100 K. There were NO numbers in the paper I read what so ever. My memory was that it said the present MARKET PRICE. The fact both this sister and this brother are lying their heads off about what that present market price is, gives substance to my memory. 
  3. Mother also lies about grandfather Knut and that he only built the shell of the house. He built the whole house and it was complete with roof, walls, floors and windows. It was not a shell. Then it was ruined by Knuts partner who tried to take half the house away by sawing it apart. That is what father fixed, he rebuilt the house. This is her third lie.
  4. The forth lie is that this house was not finished by father. Mother writes it was half done when our sister took pity over it, when the reality was that it was all done 13 years earlier. 
  5. Then mother also lies about the official status of the house and claims it's not a registred house and could not be sold or rented out. All lies, as I've seen their official divorce papers from 1991, where it clearly states that this house is a house and nothing else. That is lie number 5 by mother. 
  6. She implies that nobody else wanted to take care of the house for father and that our kid sister, at age 20, was his only choice. He never asked his oldest son nore me, so that is not true. We both would had gladly accepted the house if we'd been asked. The sixth lie by her.
  7. Then mother lies about the paper I talk about in my testimony, and claims that it was thrown away by father, which is impossible as he was dead when I and my witness saw it in our sisters hand. Lie seven.
  8. She goes on and lies about how unnecessary that paper is as we all know what it said. Nobody but me and my sister know what it says for sure, and I am not even quite sure about all what the paper said as I was only allowed to read it once. I have a mail both from mother and my second brother where they admit to never actually having read the paper themselves! So that's a bloody lie. Lie eight.
  9. And she ends off with making legal lies, about the lawyer not needing anything more then their word for it - that the house is our sisters. Which is so pathetic knowledge of the law it makes me want to weep over her stupidity. So how many lies did she tell me in this short mail on my birthday? I counted to nine lies!
That is what liars and con-artists do - claim their targets are insane. It's a method called GASLIGHTING which means they try to make you think that there is something wrong with you. Those who gaslight will spread this rumour around to make people start treating you like you were insane and instable to make you even more unsettled. That is the top favorites of really nasty people to do, spread lies about those knowing secrets about them that these people are insane and instable and not trustworthy. That is what my sister so hard tries to project on all - that she is trustworthy and I am not. She most likely manages to fool almost everyone who do not know her, but none who does. They know I am not like she claims, but liars use your anger to frame you. If you are being lied about you will get upset and the con-artist will use that to make out that you are mentally instable. They will claim you are deluded - seeing things that aren't really there. 

If you know what happened did happen and you hear lies like that, and find out people are being told you are crazy, it's not a fun thing to discover. Specially not if you spent the first 30 years in your life trying to make those two persons happy, who now are lying like this about you. And finding out the mother who pretended sometimes to care, is supporting all this abuse of your emotions and friendship, is not a pleasant experience either. This puts things into perspective and you realize none of these persons are real people. They are heartless vipers who do not care about who they hurt. They never cared for any of the time you spent with them, all you talked about, all your caring for them. Not a thing. 

And the brother-in-law who threatened me? Well, he doesn't matter one bit. He's a stranger I welcomed into my family, but he's been behaving like a stuck up prat from early on and now I know why. He's a prat. I wish him the worst and good luck with the worst for him. He deserves it after he tried to destroy me totally. He's a terrible person and he should not be allowed to do things like this to nice people who have done nothing wrong, and never done anything nasty towards him EVER.

If he'd been a normal person he would be filled with regrets by now and wish to reconciliate, but since he's as happy as can be from day one, after his threats and projections towards me, I know he's not a normal, loving person, but a very bad person.

(How I know he was happy as a fiddle shortly after threatening me and projecting totally sick stuff on me? Well, I do know people who have FACEHOOK and him and his wife were bragging on and on about their happy lives, travels, eating, drinking, partying. It started after the money started rolling in and went on and on, without any brakes. Well, his wife took time to have "private chats" with anyone caring to know the terrible things I've done to her due to the inherence. Obviously she told people sob stories about how I would not let her have "her house" for free. And how nasty I was to her and how worried she was about my mental health, and so on. Just normal stuff for such people to say when they are playing the victims and scapegoating the real victims.)

Her prat of a husband used to pretend he cared and I talked alot with him. That is what con-artists do, they pretend to be your friend. Salespersons do that too and he's a salesperson. That is as close as you can come to the devil as all they care about is to make profit. They don't care about how they hurt those they con.

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