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måndag 13 januari 2014

Bad Moon Lunacy

This blog should really be called that - Bad Moon Lunacy - as the song played on this video is Bad Moon. It's about what happens during a bad moon according to old believes. People goes mad, war begins, best friends fall out, nature breaks out in hurricanes and tornadoes, vulcanoes erupt, earthquakes and lightning. The song mentions most of it, but the people going mad I made little hints about as every time they sing about the bad moon rising I start to show you some of my closest family who got ravished in their minds by this lunacy and totally lost all sense of reason. That or they deliberatly tried to fuck me up, litterary screw me and my family up big time. Not that it would had surprised me if these people had done it on purpose, but lets be fair on them and only assume they got lunar mad as Gudrun ravaged their minds like a hurricane gone wild. Long time ago I did try to reason with one of these people, but the reaction was anything but reasonable. And then this person sent off a totally manifactured letter to the grown up woman in many pictures, to make her think that I did everything Gudrun did, and such naughty things. That is, he sent a letter proclaiming the importance of following and honouring clear signed papers, which was all I'd been saying all along, and all Gudrun refused to do all along. Just he said it like it was the other way around. That Gudrun wanted to follow the clear written papers, and I that refused to honour the agreements. Absolutely bonkers!

That is why there is a constant referrence to Bad Moon on some blue photos. They are blue of course as their lunacy made me very blue. I was not too surprised over the betrayal of the letter writer as he's been proving himself time and time again as not trustworthy. The woman receiving the letter I got more disappointed with as I had hoped she'd evolve and move up this lifetime, but she failed yet again. Well, she'll get another chance, and another, until she finally gets rid of all her inner garbage and open up her heart to true love and compassion. As long as she keeps acting like a little girl defending her fragile ego, she'll just not make it. Every lifetime is a big oportunity and noone can make our choices for us, like her mother and father showed me one night about a year ago. She was screaming at the man in the video, the man with the children. They were both in the kitchen I saw my grandmother in the night before her funeral, and I wanted to greet them, but my grandparents stopped me. I could not interfere as their daughter were screaming accusations at her now dead ex-husband for leaving her with sorting out everything. I didn't know why she thought she had things to sort out, or why she was so abusive to him. Now I realize she was intending to meddle in the inherance and that was the lesson she was going to learn. Hence was I not allowed to interject, and my grandparents stopped me. They wanted their daughter to finally learn what she didn't learn when they died. That love for each other is more important then worldly goods. She thinks others should think that way, while she gets what she wants. That is not nice at all. I hugged my grandparents and told them I loved them.

So by this you see it is my birth family in the video and some pictures are blue, and on them I show me and then I start showing also atleast one of the lunatics on each picture. Those that went totally under the Bad Moon's influence and would not listen to reason anymore, if we suppose they did not start out with the intention to totally fuck with me. The yellow pictures are all of Gudrun, perhaps cause she's taken the piss out of me or as she's admitted long ago to be jelous of me, which sounds alike. They are also showing stuff I did with her since I loved my baby so very very much I'd take her with me on everything. Guess that ment nothing to her as she's been slagging me off these last years to the relatives on family gatherings, telling weird tales about these things I took her to and things I did with her. I was not a proper adult yet at that time and I did trust her way too much, but above that I don't think I'm guilty of all the tales she's been spinning about me. Of course I've always been a pain in the ass, as I talk too much and I over analyze everything, so if she accused me of being a total bore, I'd admit to it. But a devious sister dragging her baby sister out to do naughty stuff, that story is just ridiculous, even though I get that it sure sounds more exciting then the truth. I was a total nerd.

Hope you'll enjoy the video. If you want to know more about the hurricane, the devil and what have you, either look it up on the net, or read what else I have written under the description of the video. 

Ingis Erlingsdotter - Magnolia Lane